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What Are THC Pills? Everything You Should Know

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Education Posted Aug 11 2020

There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis. Brownies, gummies, hash, resin, and concentrates are just a few of the more popular examples. However, there is one consumption method that you might not be as familiar with: THC pills. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about this alternative method, including the effects and benefits, how they're made, how they work, and potential downsides.

How Do THC Pills Work?

Very simply, THC pills are tablets that contain either liquid concentrate or ground-up flower derived from the marijuana plant. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the two most common cannabinoids found within the marijuana plant; and unlike CBD, THC is known for its psychoactive effects. Once ingested, THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain, which then creates the "high" that weed is known for. At the same time, THC is also known to bind with CB2 receptors, which are located within the immune system. There isn't a lot of research yet that covers THC's medical benefits; however, current research has shown that THC's anti-emetic properties ease (and sometimes negate) negative symptoms for conditions such as cancer and eating disorders.

Compared to other forms of marijuana, THC capsules (i.e. marijuana pills and cannabis capsules) hit your system just a little differently. Capsules are made of either animal-based gelatin or a vegetable-based starch, both of which require 20-30 minutes to dissolve once ingested. Then, much like other edibles, the THC must be absorbed through the digestive system over the course of 1-2 hours. Because of this, the effects of THC tablets may take upward of 2 hours to become noticeable.

If you're wondering "how long do THC pills last," however, that's a harder question to answer. It all depends on your tolerance and the pill's concentration. The more THC there is in a pill, the longer it will last. The effects from THC absorbed through the digestive system, like THC pills, normally peak after a few hours. While the "high" won't last nearly this long (upward of 3-8 hours), the medicinal benefits may last between 12-24 hours. Because of this, we suggest taking small doses (that goes for any type of cannabis product) until you find the ideal amount for your own use.

Are THC Pills Legal?

The answer to this question depends on which state you live in. There are currently 11 states where recreational weed is legal and 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana. In those 33 states, you should be able to find THC pills at a local dispensary and use them legally. However, if you're in a state where marijuana has not been legalized in any capacity, then THC pills are not legal to buy or use. If you are looking for the medical benefits of cannabis and live in a state where medical marijuana is illegal, we suggest asking your doctor about certain synthetic cannabis pills.

The Benefits and Side Effects of THC Pills

Before we dive into the potential medical benefits of marijuana, let's quickly discuss the psychoactive effect that many people are looking for when they consume cannabis. Yes, THC pills can absolutely get you high - it simply depends on the concentration of THC within the pill and the amount you take. One potential downside for some could be how long it takes for the THC pills effects (including the high) to kick in. As we discussed above, it may take up to 2 hours before any benefits begin to present themselves. However, the convenience and cleanliness of capsules may win people over. Like other edibles, you don't have to worry about the negative effects of smoking, nor do you have to consider the smell that's often a dead giveaway that you're getting high.

Now onto the potential medical benefits of THC pills. The benefits of THC have been noted by medical professionals, although it has yet to be formally acknowledged as medically useful (just consider the synthetic vs natural THC pills). The medical benefits THC is thought to provide include relief from chronic pain, use as a muscle relaxant, and help in decreasing aches and tremors. It's also thought to be helpful for managing nausea and weight loss, improving sleep, and combating the symptoms of PTSD. While there aren't many studies, there are a lot of benefits associated with cannabis use. There are several potential THC pills side effects, all of which vary depending on the person. These side effects may include nausea, drowsiness, anxiety, and potentially negative effects when combined with other medications. Before using THC pills (or any other form of cannabis), we urge you to seek out the opinion of a medical professional.

Synthetic vs Natural

We have discussed natural THC tablets that are filled with either concentrates or ground flower, but there are also such things as synthetic THC pills (such as nabilone and dronabinol). Marinol is a branded variation of dronabinol that's used for treating individuals suffering from certain negative side effects primarily associated with AIDS and Cancer. Even though synthetic THC pills like dronabinol have similar psychoactive effects as weed, they don't contain THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol tablets are illegal because they are derived from the marijuana plant, while synthetic drugs like Marinol are not only legal but also FDA-approved. It's easy to get them mixed up, however, because they're often both referred to as "pot pills" and "cannabis capsules."

Have some experience with THC pills? Leave your comments below and let know how they work for you and which brands we should try!

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