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  • Political Posted Jun 2015

    Rand Paul Ranks Highest In Marijuana Policy Presidential Voter Guide

    The Republican Party has not had a particularly positive stance on marijuana throughout history, but this list of political supporters of marijuana may surprise you with Rand Paul ranking the highest due to his support of medical marijuana and reducing penalties for adult marijuana use. Of course there are supporteres on both sides such as Bernie Sanders and Rick Perry, as well as opposers on both sides like Chris Christie and Joe Biden. Though some of these politicians have previously stated their beliefs against legalizing marijuana, many have begun to see the negatives of prohibition and the positives of keeping non-violent offenders out of jail. The first term Republican senator from Kentucky has been an outspoken opponent of the War on Drugs, stating that it creates an undercurrent of unease in the country. “The War on Drugs has created a culture of violence and puts police in an impossible situation,” Paul said at the Desert Vista Community Center in Las Vegas.

  • News Posted Jun 2015

    Portland Police issue a very Portland guide ahead of marijuana legalization

    In only a few days time, Oregon's recreational marijuana bill will go into effect allowing adults over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana to be used in private. In preparation, the Portland Police issued a fun way of reminding citizens of the legal limits for possession. Personal possession in public is limited to 1 ounce, or roughly the size of a voodoo doughnut doll. Possession at home is limited to 8 ounces while everything over that is still illegal. Driving under the influence of pot and public consumption are both illegal, but police urge citizens to NOT call 911 unless there is an immediate risk.  On a more serious note, you can be arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants or get a citation for using in a public place. Along those lines, if you do see someone using marijuana in a public place, police urge you NOT to call 911, unless there is an immediate public safety risk. Transporting marijuana products from Washington to Oregon is a violation of Federal drug laws. If you smell marijuana from your neighbor's home or yard and it's bothering you, police say you should discuss it with them privately and not call 911.

  • Legalization Posted Jun 2015

    ResponsibleOhio proposes legislation to expunge marijuana offense records

    ResponsibleOhio has been working hard to bring marijuana legalization to Ohio for years now, but they're now addressing another problem in preparation for the hopeful oncoming legalization. This new bill, if passed, would expunge previous marijuana offenders from their crime, allowing the information to be erased and freeing them from problematic employment searches and cease many other shortcomings due to a conviction. If the amendment is passed, the legislative language will be exactly how ResponsibleOhio intended, however if lawmakers fail to pass it but its brought to ballot by the voters, then legislators will be able to change and manipulate the law. "If we've decided we want to no longer call this a crime, we should be prepared to erase or be very open to modifying the crime records of anybody who has gotten in trouble with it," Berman said. Currently, Berman said, Ohioans can face dozens of restrictions for a marijuana offense.

  • Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 2015

    At Salem medical marijuana dispensary, a sense of relief

    This week Massschusetts' first medical marijuana dispensary opened up, and among those in line was a large population of elderly patients just looking for relief. 14 more dispensaries are working on gaining legal approval but only two more are expected to open their doors by this fall leaving patients only one option for now. Trips to the dispensary are strictly appointment only for now, and prices are still rather high, but patients are excited to be a part of this historical moment finally in their home state. Wendy Atwood was waiting in line, too. The 53-year-old said she has used marijuana to ease knee and back pain from arthritis, depression, and anxiety. She also said she has long used the drug recreationally. “I am a law-abiding citizen, a mom with two kids, and a day-care provider,” Atwood said. “It’s going to be very exciting” to walk into the dispensary, she added. “I’m happy that it’s not under wraps anymore.” But the process was hardly speedy. Waves of patients waited up to an hour in line, and then, in small groups, were ushered inside.

  • News Posted Jun 2015

    Fed study: Booze impact greater than pot on driving

    New study partially funded by the federal government finds that alcohol impairs drivers much worse than marijuana. In a sophisticated driving simulator, 19 adults were tested with marijuana, alcohol, and placebo in a 45 minute drive to discover the way that drivers become impaired after using such drugs. Alcohol consistently raised the number of times drivers left the lane and weaved, while marijuanas only downfall showed as creating tunnel vision for certain drivers.  Researchers said alcohol "significantly increased lane departures/minimum and maximum lateral acceleration; these measures were not sensitive to cannabis." Researchers also concluded Cannabis-influenced drivers "may attempt to drive more cautiously to compensate for impairing effects, whereas alcohol-influenced drivers often underestimate their impairment and take more risk."

  • Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 2015

    Salem medical marijuana dispensary to open Wednesday

    After being delayed multiple times, Massachusetts first medical marijuana dispensary will be opening it's doors on Wednesday, June 24th. The state's voters passed the medical marijuana bill almost 3 years ago and after a long wait will finally have safe access to the drug. The first despensary to open, Alternative Therapies Group, wants to remain as professional as possible, seeing patients by appointment only, and keeping the medication at a separate location. ATG is expected to serve thousands of patients in the coming weeks after opening. “Salem has long been a progressive, forward-thinking, and open-minded community, and we look forward to [Alternative Therapies] starting operation this week and providing yet another critical medical choice to patients for the entire North Shore,” the mayor said.

  • Legalization Posted Jun 2015

    Adults in Oregon will VERY soon be joining the wonderful world of recreational marijuana. July 1st, 2015 marks the day it will be legal to possess up to 8 ounces of pot in your home and up to 1 ounce in public, but as of July 1st the only legal way to obtain the plant is to grow it yourself. There are talks of allowing medical dispensaries to temporarily sell recreational marijuana to jump start the process, but unless that happens then residents will be forced to wait indefinitely until marijuana businesses are allowed to begin cultivation and sale. It will still be illegal to transport marijuana across state lines, even coming from Oregon's neighbor to the north who has had recreational marijuana for some time now. WHEN CAN I BUY IT LEGALLY? There is no hard date. The OLCC does not expect to have the chain of retail recreational marijuana growers, processors, wholesalers and sales outlets permitted and operating until late in 2016. There has been talk in the Legislature about jumpstarting that by allowing recreational marijuana sales through medical marijuana dispensaries as early as October, but that remains up in the air.

  • Legalization Posted Jun 2015

    Maine lawmakers soundly reject marijuana legalization bills

    It's not over yet, but it's very likely that the last potential marijuana legalization bill in Maine will be turned down by the senate. This week state senators unanimously killed a different legalization bill, leaving little faith that this session's final marijuana bill will have any support. Maine passed a medical marijuana bill in 1999, but the bill turned out to be extremely limiting leaving the state no better than before. Though some legislators strongly oppose legalization, the voters will have the final say later this year and will have their chance to bring the issue of legalization to the 2016 ballot.  “The Legislature’s failure to act should not be mistaken for waning public interest in marijuana policy reform. Elected officials have always followed the citizens’ lead on this issue,” Boyer said in a written statement. “Maine voters will still have the final say, and we expect they will say it’s time to end marijuana prohibition.”

  • News Posted Jun 2015


    Progress is coming! For years marijuana has been the subject of scrutiny whether positive or negative light, but the government has refused to change its very negative stance and left the drug's legality in a confusing catch 22. As a Schedule 1 narcotic, it is nearly impossible to gain federal funding to objectively research marijuana through all the hurdles that must be jumped. However, this week the White House will announce the dismissal of one barrier holding back the research of marijuana, allowing federal funding to support scientists and open the doors to the unknown world of cannabis. Researchers have had only the inklings of the good things that pot can do, from fighting cancer to decreasing the effects of PTSD, but they haven’t been able to explore it deeply or even assess its impact on health in the long term. With fewer restrictions on what they can investigate, some of their questions may be answered more quickly, which could mean better treatments for a slew of medical conditions.

  • Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 2015

    We went to San Francisco's first pot 'baked sale''and we're convinced that edibles are the next multimillion-dollar industry

    California has been known for it's large medical marijuana industry and last week, San Francisco hosted their first 'Get Baked Sale' featuring every type of medicated baked good you could imagine. Attendees only needed their state medical cards and $20 to get in and experience the one of a kind festival that had guest floating on cloud 9. Marijuana edibles have been the subject of controversy in the last few years because ingesting marijuana is much different and sometimes incredibly more intense than smoking. To feel the effects of medibles, your body needs 1-3 hours to digest while smoking is almost instantaneous. Many people have grown impatient waiting for the medible high to kick in that they eat much more than the necessary dose, leaving them much higher than anticipated. "The good thing about [consuming too much] weed is it can't kill you," says Kim Geraghty, cofounder of Madame Munchie, whose gourmet cannabis macarons won the 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup. "But it can make you very uncomfortable."

  • News Posted Jun 2015

    In pockets of Texas, prosecutors just say no to marijuana prosecutions

    This year, Texas lawmakers have proposed seven bills that would have lowered penalties for minor marijuana possessions, hopefully reducing the amount of non-violent offenders in jails and courts. Unfortunately each bill was turned down before it could benefit anyone. However, state prosecutors recognized the potential for saving public official's time and money while also sparing the legal hassle in non-violent citizen's lives. State prosecutors are taking it upon themselves to do what legislators should have passed, and giving low-level marijuana offenders a break by allowing them to complete 8 hours of class or community service instead of ever seeing a court room. “I’m not condoning it,” Saenz said of marijuana use. But prosecuting someone over such a small amount of dope just doesn’t make any sense, he said, considering how many police officers and court personnel must work to get that case to trial. All of that effort, for what is now a Class B misdemeanor. The result is much-needed relief for court personnel. According to the Office of Court Administration, there’s been a 57 percent drop in misdemeanor marijuana court filings for Cameron County.

  • Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 2015

    'Wanna Grab a Marijuana Tea After Work?'

    As a resident of California or Nevada, you may have heard of the marijuana-infused coffee and tea called Jane's Brew. With multiple first place awards from Hempcon in January, it has become a favorite of non-smokers and can be found in over 100 dispensaries. Owner, Jill Amen, has taken to Washington D.C. in hopes of expanding her business and showing off her new product at an elegant party of her peers.  He thinks the beverages will appeal to “grandmothers and aunts who would never smoke, but would love a cup of tea.” Amen imagines a future in which Washingtonians can nurse her cannabis drinks at special coffee shops, out in the open among the monuments and tapas places.

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